Dave Osleger

Dave Osleger


Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award, 2012
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
UC Davis
Room 3224 Earth and Physical Sciences Bldg
daosleger “at” uc davis.edu


Newly published book, 2022

Classes taught at UC Davis

  •   GEL 1: The Earth
  •  GEL 2: Earth System Science
  •  GEL 9: Geology Field Experience
  •   GEL 16: The Oceans
  •   GEL 17: Earthquakes and Earth Hazards
  •   GEL 20: California Geology
  •   GEL 25: Geology of National Parks
  •   GEL 32: Volcanoes
  •   GEL 36: Solar System
  •   GEL 50: Physical Geology
  •   GEL 109: Sediments and Strata
  •   GEL 110: Summer Field Geology
  •   GEL 120: Origins: From the Big Bang to Today
  •   GEL 134: Environmental Geology
  •   NAC 1: Intersections of Nature & Culture
  •   Numerous freshman seminars


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